Acts & Characters



Madame Sadia Tuay Akila

Interactive Installation

You’ll find her nestled inside an exotic pirate cave. Enter at your own peril, for gypsies and vagabonds deal here and unrevoked spells have been cast upon the brave. She voyages around the world on the Gt. Ember, a ship once hijacked and seized from her rival Black Beard. Docked on the western shores of England, she keeps secrets of sorcery, forgotten witchcraft, ancient spells and shamanic practices all that will transport those who seek to find The Cure...

Join Sadia and her spirit guide Isham inside a curious and playful installation. Sit for a palm reading and discover slightly fishy pearls of wisdom. Haggle, barter and trade, everything has its price! Messages in bottles await your decoding. Be transported into a hazy yet alluring space in time were nothing is as it seems and anything is possible, with a little friendly negotiation of course.



Nana's Jam

Stage Act/ Musical Walkabout

Nana B and G/ma are sure to liven up any event. These are no ordinary 70 year olds. After a couple of cream teas these Nana's unleash their shell suits, crank up a boom box. You will be sure to fall in love with their dance routines and rapping rhymes. Be wooed by their 'gran master' style. In Little Melton their cream teas do nothing but please! Take a trip with them to the local village fete, taste their fruits and sample their flavors as Nana B and G'Mar put the Jam in Jam Stall...

Nana B- Granny of Ghetto. This batty bootie shaker got's style! She could accompany you to the P.T.A meeting but catch her at the barn dance and we'll see who put the D in Dance floor . Nana B!

G/ma- not only can this O.A.P grow a prize wining marrow. She's got the finest shapes, baddest flow and the rudest get up this side of Little Melton.



The Adventures of Hettie and Margo

Interactive Installation

The Twiddie Toffs step out for a breath of fresh air, the practical and prepared Margo provides refreshments as they set up camp and waffle the hours away waiting for the hunt to come in. Wotsit, Margo's pedigree chum accompanies them, it's a shame Hettie is allergic! Yes, Hettie is rather sensitive these days, her hunting days no longer in pursuit she is left with a reputation they no longer dare to mention. Lets just say rifles are banned on this gaunt!



The Ring Mistress and Jonglein

Interactive Walkabout

Jonglein. When he appears, with intrigue and mysticism you follow. With love that doth stretch to the ends of the earth, Jonglein will warm the coolest heart and tickle even those of a stony disposition. Concoct the mischief of a jester and sprinkle with the innocence of a clown. This juvenile comic character is of wondrous beauty and brings joy and intrigue wherever he may roam.

The Ring Mistress. Ruling with whip and parasol the Russian Ring Mistress is a force not to be reckoned with. She keeps her rag tag circus in line and with Jonglein her pet like play thing (and only ally) by her side we see a steely, mechanical character who is quite the contrast to her side kick take charge. Who trained her? Russia.

Acts & Characters

Nana’s Jam is a 7 minute stage act building with music, dancing and rapping. Watch as these charming pensioner’s transform into gangster grannies and all in front of the vicar at the village fete!?

What can we do you for Sir/Madame?

Whether you seek a stage act, actors, walkabout characters, theatrical installations, promotional help or entertainment for a special event the Theatre of Escapades will whisk you along on a theatrical spree, entice hijinks and probably make you pee your pants (sorry about that). One thing is for sure; they will leave you wanting more of the exuberant world they live in!

If the acts listed above don't tickle your fancy we also have a range of eccentrics waiting in the wings;

The Players



Lucy trained in Theatre at The University of Kent, Canterbury, she went on to complete a Masters in Applied Performance. Lucy has performed in many different genres of theatre throughout her life and has a passion for bringing stories to life. In 2009 Lucy began performing walkabout characters for Theatre of Adventures and Hocus Pocus Theatre and found a real love in the interaction and freedom this gave her. Shortly after this she began to create her own characters and now there is no stopping her. Lucy is also the Artistic director of Seeing Beyond a company that creates multi sensory storytelling performance for children with Profound and Multiple Learning difficulties.



Lili performed in plays throughout her childhood and met Lucy when studying for her BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts. Her passion has always been character acting, expressing her many color's through performing is her antidote to 'life'. She has explored and developed improvisational skill through walkabout theatre, within site-specific work and most recently for Hocus Pocus Theatre creating installation and Promenade performances.

Lili has worked within performing arts education for some years in various capacities. Directing and leading workshops at The Maddermarket youth theatre and summer schools, for Music Leader East of England and performing arts centre The Garage.

History of Escapades

The Theatre of Escapades was founded in 2011 when Lucy Garland and Lili (Lalita) Kumar reunited after 10 years apart. In discovering a mutual love for Interactive Theatre and a desire to create strange and intriguing characters the pair joined forces under the name The Theatre of Escapades. Inspired, they set to work.

Escapades of the Future


Escapades of the Past

Nana B's Ragga Nursery Rhymes- MC/Compare

The Bo Family Rave, Norwich Waterfront. 18th Apr 2019

Wonderland Walkabout

Neon Moon, Proud Country House, Brighton. 30th Mar 2019


Grandmas Living Room, Boom Town Fayre, Winchester. 8th Aug 2018

Hill Billy Walkabout

Private Booking 21st Jul 2018

Character Compare and DJ

The Lord Mayors Celebration. The Forum, Norwich. 7th Jul 2018

Hill Billy Walkabout

Wow Festival, Diss. 30th Jun 2018

Shambo the shamanic time traveller Walkabout

Wow Festival, Diss. 28th Jun 2018

Character Compare TBC

Strawberry Fair, Cambridge 2nd Jun 2018

Gypsy Cavern Installation

Maui Waui Pirates Ball, Suffolk. 11th May 2018

Hill Billy Walkabout

Neon Moon Cabaret Club, Cambridge. 21st Apr 2018

The Parisian Artisan and his Muse - Interactive Installation

Maui Waui Festival, Suffolk 26th Aug 2017

Nana's Take Over

Boom Town Festival, Grandmas Living Room, Winchester. 11th Aug 2017

Comparing Characters!

Harlequin Fayre, Norfolk. 4th Aug 2017

The Adventures of Hettie and Margo

Private party 15th Jul 2017

The Adventures of Hettie and Margo

The Lord Mayors Precession, Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich. 8th Jul 2017

Jongelin Walkabout

Private wedding booking. 3rd Jun 2017

Nana's Take Over

The Good Life Caribbean Carnival, The Bever Works, Leeds. 28th Apr 2017

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

The Mad Hatters Mansion, Islington Metal Works 13th Apr 2017

Zoo Keepers Walkabout

Mantra Night Club, Norwich 7th Apr 2017

Nana B compares @ Boom Town Fair

Winchester 11th Aug 2016

Walkabout Enchanted Gardens @ Lattitude Festival

Suffolk 15th Jul 2016

Hosts a Wedding Ceremoney

Sea Palling Norfolk 3rd Jun 2016

Egg Cafe Norwich and Norfolk Festival - Various characters

Norwich Arts Centre 14th May 2016

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee do walkabout at Neon Moon Cabaret

Cambridge Union Society University of Cambridge 30th Apr 2016

The Adventures of Hettie and Margot

Maui Waui 5th Sep 2015

Wonder Malone a Fancy Dress Compare

Harliquin Fayre Festival 8th Aug 2015

Nana Beryl goes Walkabout

Art Car Boot Fair Redwell Brewary Norwich 21st Jun 2015

The Exceptional Mad Hatter compares a Tea Party

Sweet Arts St. Margarets Church Gallery 26th May 2015

Nanas Spectacular Show 8pm

Maui Waui Festival, Suffolk. 5th Sep 2014

Theatre of Escapades Wacky Characters Workshop

The Garage, 19th Aug 2014

Nana's and Hettie and Margo Walkabout

Harliquin Fayre 8th Aug 2014

Where's Wally goes Walkabout

IP-Art Festival, Christchurch Park , Ipswich. 6th Jul 2014

Hettie, Margo and Bernard - Dog Show

IP-Art Festival, Christchurch Park, Ipswich. 22nd Jun 2014

Nana's Walkabout at Maui Waui Masquerade Ball

Eaton Park, Norwich 13th Jun 2014

Walkabout TBC

Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bonanafana @ Spiegeltent 16th May 2014

Margo Compares @ Hop fundraiser for The Sweet Arts

The Talk, Norwich. 12th Apr 2014

Hettie and Margo. Battersea Arts Centre pre show

St. Georges Theatre. GT. Yarmouth 11th Apr 2014


The Greatest Show on Earth. Norwich Arts Centre. 5th Apr 2014

Nana Jam New Years Eve

The Rumsey Wells 31st Dec 2013

Nanas Jam

Bo Nanafana Social Club Cabaret Tent @ UEA 50th Anniversary 28th Sep 2013

Nana's Jam

Norwich Body Art Festival. Open. Norwich 18th Aug 2013

The Adventures of Hettie and Margo

Norwich Body Art Festival. Open, Norwich 18th Aug 2013

The Adventures of Hettie and Margo

Harlequin Fayre, Strumpshaw, Norfolk 10th Aug 2013

The Adventures of Hettie and Margo / Nana Jam @ Neon Moon

Winter Masquerade Ball. Anstey Hall, Cambridge 1st Dec 2012

Nana's Jam @ Finger in The Pie Cabaret

Madame Jojos' Soho, London. 4th Nov 2012

Nanas Jam/ Chantelles Wedding Cabaret @ Funthank Community Centre

A secret location in NR2 26th Oct 2012

Nana's Jam/ Chantelles Wedding Cabaret @ Festival Asylum Stage

Hareliquin Fayre 11th Aug 2012

Nanas Jam Walkabout @ Glade Festival

King's Lynn, Norfolk 16th Jul 2012

Nana's Jam / Chantelle's Wedding

Playfest 1st Jun 2012

Nana's Jam @ Spiegeltent

Norfolk and Norwich Festival 27th May 2012

Nanas Jam @ The Boogaloo

Norwich Arts Centre 28th Apr 2012

Val and Bonnies Great British Vacation

Norwich Arts Centre 28th Apr 2012

Nana's Jam @ Festival Asylum

Carnival, Norwich 20th Apr 2012

Nana's Jam

No Strings Norwich Puppet Theatre 5th Nov 2011

Nana's Jam

Walkabout, Norwich Arts Centre 4th Nov 2011

The Adventures of Hettie and Margo

No Strings Boogaloo, Norwich Arts Centre 24th Sep 2011


Sea Change Arts Festival promotion 23rd Sep 2011


Album Launch, Take 5 12th Aug 2011

The Ring Mistress and Jonglein

No Strings Boogaloo, Norwich Arts Centre 23rd Jul 2011

The Ring Mistress and Jonglein

No Strings Cabaret, Norwich Puppet Theatre 17th Jun 2011

The Theatre of Escapades feat. The Slaves of Digbys Consortium

Consortium at Sunrise Festival, Sommerset 4th Jun 2011

Chantelle and The Parisian Artisan

Norwich Fringe Festival, Art Love World at Norwich Arts Centre 20th May 2011
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"I love working with Lucy and Lili, such a joy!"
Harry Trotter, The Daily Gazette.
"Imaginative, highly entertaining, you can see they love what they do"
Farmer Giles, The Farm
"What a couple of sexy crumpets!"
Trumption Magazine